Another Player Hits the Big Jackpot on our Dream Wheel Progressive Slot

We’ve had another winner on the Dream Wheel Progressive Jackpot Slot at our casinos! Joanne F has just struck it lucky with a $66,081.74 win while playing the feature game of this popular slot. This is really great news for Joanne and we’re happy for her. Also, it might do well for you to know, that this is the third huge win on this very same game at our casino in the last few months. Check out this winner here, and this other one here.

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Interview with the Winner – Joanne F:

Q: Congratulations on your recent win Joanne. Tell me, how does it feel to win the Dream Wheel jackpot?

A: It feels great, I still find it hard to believe. I think I will only believe it when the money gets here.


Q:  What was your first reaction when you realized you’d won? Were you sitting, standing, and what did you do next? Please paint a picture of your winning moment!

A: I nearly fell of my chair cause I was seated at the time, I was just praying that this was for real and not a mistake or a glitch! I was ecstatic and I still am.


Q: ​Is this your biggest win amount whist playing online (at any casino)?

A: Yes it is, this is by far the biggest I have ever won!!


Q: How do you rate the service received from our casino so far? Would you recommend our casino to family and friends?

A:I have been with you for a while now and you are the only casino I play at. I love your games and support staff. I would most definitely recommend you to anyone out there.


Q: Do you understand the withdrawal process clearly?We see you have you ​have ​withdrawn money from our casino before, how was the experience for you (did all go according to plan)?

A: I have really gone through the whole process or ever recall going through it. I mostly end up reversing all my winnings so I really can’t say much regarding that.


Q: Did you feel particularly lucky when you chose to play Dream Wheel on this day? Any rituals or special lucky charms involved?

A: I really don’t have a ritual per say but I will always try switch the games up if I feel I have hit a cold streak, then come back later. I do not really believe in things like lucky charms or rabbits foots…I let my faith carry me through and handle everything.

Q: One last question – do you have any special plans with the money won?

A: I’m going on vacation!!!

Thank you Joanne – and congratulations one more time!

More details about the Dream Wheel Progressive Jackpot Slot can be found here.



Huge Progressive Jackpot Win at Grand Eagle Online Casino


Grand Eagle Online Casino is proud to announce that one of our players have won a huge jackpot just 3000 short of $100 000!

We were super excited to learn that this Betonsoft progressive jackpot video slot had yielded such a win at our very own casino… and so we contacted the lucky Diane, and this is what she had to say:

Diane S wins $96, 988.63 playing the Legends of Avalon Progressive Jackpot Video Slot online at Grand Eagle Casino

Q: What do you Plan on doing with your winnings?

A: I’m going to pay for my husband’s hospital bill and go on a cross country trip with the remainder of the funds.

Q: What was your initial reaction and thoughts when you won?

A: I honestly thought I must be dreaming. I kept looking at the balance in my account to check if it really was there.

Q: Did you feel particularly lucky on the day of the win?

A: I just kept thinking positive thoughts and everyday I would look at the Jackpot amount increase and think “that’s mine, maybe today is the day.”

Q: Do you have a lucky charm when you play or any special ritual before you play?

A: No I really don’t have a ritual. I just try keep positive thoughts and try never to feel down if I’m having no luck.

Q: How has your Grand Eagle Online Casino experience been?

A: It’s been absolutely awesome. I think your casino is the luckiest casino I have ever played at. I have had several small wins before but nothing as big as this jackpot.

Q: How would you rate the service you have received from Grand Eagle Online Casino?

A: I have had no problems with the services or customer support. What I like is that they don’t push too hard and bombard you with unnecessary information and promotions. They are always helpful and thorough.

Q: Would you recommend Grand Eagle Online Casino to friends or family?

A: I would not only recommend the casino to family and friends, but to everyone who plays online. The casino is really great.

Q: Is there anything you could suggest to us, so we may enhance your casino experience?

A: No not really. I’m happy with everything as it is.

Q: What is your favorite casino game at the moment?

A: I like playing slots, nothing in particular. I do play the jackpot games from time to time.

Q: What could you recommend as an experienced Player to any new online Casino Players?

A: Just keep a positive attitude and remain positive at all times when playing even if you are going through a bad run.

Thank you very much Diane for sharing your overall experience with us! Good luck to every other Grand Eagle Online Casino patron – may the next big jackpot win be yours.


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Columbus Day: From Dreams of Asia to The Land of Dreams

Christopher Columbus had no idea what an incredible discovery he had made.

This is because his mission had been to find a good passage to Asia so that he could return with its treasures to Europe. Because his conviction was so strong that he had found this new route, Columbus believed until his dying day that somewhere in the New World lay the Asia he so sought.

He never did find his passage to the Indies by sailing westwards, however, we celebrate him to this day for “discovering” what is now to us: America, the land of dreams.


Setting sail was far from easy – the dream that almost didn’t happen.

Christopher Columbus was a man with a penchant to travel who was full of ideas, albeit, without a cent to his name. The one thing that stood between himself and his most fortunate venture therefore, was a solid financial backer – and these were in terribly short supply in his time. Columbus was considered by many to be a crackpot, which is probably why King John of Portugal when first approached by Columbus with a proposal to find a westward sea passage to Asia, found it necessary to turn down the idea.

Next on his list of possible benefactors was Queen Isabella of Spain. She must have thought that his idea had some merit, however, did not agree because his price seemed way too high for the task. After 6 years of deliberation, with Columbus hanging around nearby in the hope that the Queen of Spain and her Ferdinand would finally give in, the would-be discoverer of the new world had finally decided to give up. He was on his way to France, only 4 miles out of town when the Queen’s courier chased and found him. The messenger had been sent to give him the good news – which was that his expedition would receive the backing desired!

Go from one story of opportunity to another with our special online casino promotion for Columbus Day this 14 – 17 October 2013.

Open to players of Grand Eagle Online Casino and any other casino affiliated with our loyalty group, the Genesys Club. Good luck – and we hope you win the big prize!

The Craziest Casino Wins in History

Out there in the casinos: some of us are big risk takers, and others are content with just a few sober bets. But no matter what kind of gambler you are… there’s no denying the sheer thrill of the game when it’s on!

We’ve collected some of the world’s craziest bets below for the pure fun of it. Read and enjoy (but make no mistake, there are many more stories out there that might even top one or 2 of these…)

1. Ashley Revell

Giving a whole new meaning to the gambling term “all in”, this daredevil guy one day decided to sell of all of his personal belongings: car, clothes, gadgets… you name it, and it was sold. Together with his savings he managed to amass $135,300. Off he went to the Plaza Casino in Las Vegas where he placed everything on red in a game of roulette. The ball landed on red 7, doubled his money. And the lucky dealer was thanked with a $600 tip.

True story. Click here for Ashley’s magic moment on youtube.

2. Archie Karas (also known as “The Greek”)

…And then there was this Greek-American high-roller who became famous of a lucky streak simply called “The Run”. Archie arrived in Vegas with $50 in his wallet. It is said that he stopped at Binion’s Horseshoe, where he started gambling and went on a hot streak. Karas then borrowed $10,000 from a generous fellow poker player he had recognised from the Los Angeles scene. This loaned money he quickly turned into $30,000 playing Razz (a form of stud poker), from which he returned $20,000 to his happy benefactor. So began the most famous Run in history, that saw The Greek turning an initial $50 into $40 million between December, 1992 until the beginning of 1995. Unfortunately, he lost it all in ’95 when his luck finally ran out…

About Karas here on youtube.

3. Mike Ashley

There must be something in the name Ashley and a round of roulette! In 2008, a man named Mike Ashley experienced what we’re pretty sure must have been the headiest 15 minutes of his life when he played roulette at the casino Fifty in Mayfair, London. Betting a little less than £5,000 on his lucky number 17… the man found himself to be very lucky indeed because he made a cool £1.5 million in that very short space of time! Play roulette now at our online casino.

4. Elmer Sherwin

If you are a slot lover then you know about the Vegas’ MegaBucks slot machines. Launched in the 80s, these were connected throughout Sin City, the jackpot growing with every spin, much like our online progressive jackpot slots.

This man named Elmer Sherwin not only won the very first $5 million jackpot in 1989… he also followed on to win on the same group of slots again in 2005 – this time with the jackpot standing at a staggering $21, 030, 657.77!

How ’bout that for some lucky bets?

So what is the craziest bet you’ve ever made? Was it for the sheer thrill, and did it yield a win? We hope so.

Good luck on your next round of casino gaming, players!